Why can't we get an engine upgrade like LoTR online?

DAOC has more players then LOTRO. Their getting engine upgrades and a visual overhaul. I'm just curious If broadsword has issued any requests to EA for an upgrade. If so or why not?
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  • Money.
  • You don't play DAoC for graphics (much like Minecraft). Bugs and other fixes are needed way before graphics is even brought up
  • Graphics upgrade could bring more players + more revenue.
  • Most population statistics shows LOTRO has a vastly superior population, they even state that 40% of the players are VIP (subscribers) which puts that value easily triple what plays DAOC live servers. A graphics update would be nice, but the game is old and frankly I've been sitting out waiting for the classic server for years, especially after Pheonix decided to shut down (though they are doing a seasons server it appears but waiting to see what happens here for the classic)
  • You can make the game look vastly better with just ReShade and dgVoodoo2. https://www.prondrknorr.com/daoc-video-tweaks/
  • Not to mention LOTR is a huge IP, they prolly paid/pay sizeable license for. With the IP getting a new series and more attention, it's a bit easier to find funding for that, it's an investment.
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    bug fixes..rare thing..none of the important bugs are addressed. telling BS wont ever change that. graphics engine upgrade..never gonna happen. Why..cuz pop is so low..why is pop so low..[removed]
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  • Graphics upgrade would be great
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  • My thought is that might be hard as I believe Dark Age of Camelot used the Gamebryo Engine which looks to have seized development.

    However, with the release of NVIDIA Remix Studio maybe there is hope to upscale the textures a bit?

  • my screen on the game got smaller some how and can't get support to fix it,so I will not be playing DAOC anymore. can't see the screen right.
  • did you resize your UI with the ingame option to do so ? if so, move mouse pointer to the upper left corner of the screen, press left mouse button and move the mouse while holding down the left mouse button to see if it changes the ingame UI size.
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    I would be very surprised if a graphics upgrade would bring many people back.

    I'd not mind flashier graphics, but I am doubtful you can bring the huggle-bunny gen-z's into a game as cut-throat as DAoC. Marc Jacob's brainchild, for better or worse, is a product of its era and generation I fear. I think it's amazing they're keeping it running at all.

    I'd sooner developer time be placed on fixing broken mechanics and dealing with the fallout of legalizing cheat programs on game balance.
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  • shh yers is to subscribe and die..not ask why!
  • Graphics upgrade would be awesome but I don't think they can afford it. Even if they could, I don't think they would be able to pull it off seeing how a lot of things that people want fixed are either ignored or unfixable. One can dream though.
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