Most Efficient Methods of Earning Realm Points

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My Google drive is publicly viewable.

My alt was 3L6 at the start, getting a +75% Bonus from her Buggane's Draught, and I used a charge from one of the 25% RP bonus potions I earned on the quests. I did not check to see what the underpopulation bonus, guild merit bonus, or realm bonuses were, during the run.

This was on an alt(yes after enough criticisms, Cindy has two alts, now).

I notice a lot of full 8-man groups zerging solos, in the Dopple Loop of Ellan Vannin, and often, since I like running the King's Ale quest for massive Bounty Point earnings.

Running a /stats of some of the actual viewable platers, so far has only shown about a 15k/hr RPs at the most, so far.

I notice a lot of players doing that, also use the /statsanon so you can not view their RPs

I don't group very often, if at all, but I would imagine when a full group takes on a solo, especially one that is still under their 180-second RvR Res Illness timer, the Realm Points the members of the group earn would be severely reduced, since this game is actually very advanced at being able to modify earnings of EXP and RPs, for being a 2001 release, initially.

I am also aware that when NPCs damage a player, and they are RvR killed, the enemy player can actually earn 0 RPs, even though they land the DB, IF the player has taken a heavy amount of damage from NPC monsters.

So, I was just curious if anyone is up to sharing their secrets for how they earn their RPs quickly, such as sieging a CK, taking a relic, other than Herorius and Leegyn's BGs, as I am pretty sure every player has grouped with one of them, at some point. Even I have grouped with Herorius, every once in a while.

I'm looking for fresh ideas, since I have had players mention how quickly they can earn their RPs, on a brand new toon, within a matter of just a few weeks.

From my experiences, so far, since my return in March of 2019, it seems the special events and quests are actually fairly efficient, but I am still human, which means I could be wrong, too.
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    Complete the quests. Repair doors/walls. Templates with RP gear. Play alot and/or at the right times. Keep fights, LOOOONG keep fights, give big bonues (when you get kills)

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  • Kill people, earn rps. The more you kill the more rps you make
  • Log in an alt on another comp and test , stuff. Duel your buddy all day long(they made an area up at alb boxes to do this) ..... It will help get your auto hot key set up, and you and your buddy can farm low rr guys trying to quest or High rr Hunters tiring to be a member of the "fight club" aka Auto Hot Key( Free 3rd party program that gives an unfair advantage is HUGE if you take the time to set it up) duelers so they aka she /cough can farm low rr at Boxes ..

    So basically dueling a friend over and over while you set up and toon to do multiple things with 1 key. Auto hot key, is not only legal but encourage, welcome to 2022 Easymode DAOC. Nothing like getting your ass kicked by scripts=P They turned a low level pvp questing area into a solo area knowing this type of behavior is going on hourly, daily.

    Guys get high rr tweaking the scripts than they roam and x-realm when they are need more action. Poison but a, now a days if it makes things easier and gives you an unfair advantage for the time being, people are all in. Knowledge is power.....
  • Fews guys running 2 toons and scripting them in rvr , i can think of a bard and shade, and a infil and scout.... Guys got some great scripting skills.. Think it may be the same guy.
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