the obelisk in keep defence.

i think most people are more or less ok with the damage reduction part but i really wonder if the perma moc isn't OP, especially for optimized caster groups that have excellent communications. the perma moc might need tweaking, changing or may need to go.

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    That's putting it mildly. yes, agree 100% Additionally Thanes need some looking at :P

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  • I think that players should always be on the same footing and the "game" shouldn't be manipulating the player base outside of the items that can be acquired. The relics and how these interact has removed the desire to take the relics (Originally the main objective of the game), defending keeps and all around play the game we all loved in the past. This change was a bad one and it's just worse the more you experience it. I truly think broadsword thought they were doing something nice; but, instead they are hurting the game overall. (Much like the removal of realm timers, this is a real time warring type game after and player shouldn't be able to swap sides so easily or quickly). Please get rid of the obelisk junk and let the players just fight and play as the game originally was intended. Stop manipulating mechanics of the game in such a bad manner.
  • ich denke auch das die Einführung des Obelisk völlig undurchdacht war. dieses zeigt sich ganz stark an der Relilage.Relis sind heut zu tage nur noch eine Behinderung des reiches und somit ist der Grundgedanke von Daoc zerstört wurden. weiter ermöglicht der Obelisk es eingespielten farmgruppen ohne Anstrengung rp zu machen. MOC und Unverwundbarkeit auf einen Keepdach ist nicht das was sich die meisten Daocspieler wünschen. ein Angreifer sollte die selben Chancen wie ein Verteidiger haben. Das der Verteidiger mehr RP nach gewonnener Verteidigung bekommt als der Angreifer da geh ich noch mit, ansonsten bin ich auch dafür das der Obelisk wieder entfernt werden muss und sich das Spiel wieder mehr um die Relikte drehen sollte.fg Bic
  • The obelisk in keep, is totally overpowered, and should not be there at all.

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  • I agree obelisk makes whichever side is defending overpowered. You have made the relics useless with this game mechanic.
  • I think the Obelisk is fine, but the relic attachment to it is not. It is no longer beneficial to capture relics. This part needs to be removed or changed accordingly such that the Obelisk effectiveness is no longer tied to relic ownership.
  • Here is an idea on how to restructure the Protection Obelisk.

    Tie the damage reduction component to keep ownership. Retain MoC functionality as is (%effectiveness determined by your spec in MoC).
    - 7 or more keeps owned = 0% damage reduction
    - 5 to 6 keeps owned = 25% damage reduction
    - 3 to 4 keeps owned = 50% damage reduction
    - 0 to 2 keeps owned = 75% damage reduction
    One additional modification that I would like to see is to remove the Protection Obelisk from keeps that hold an enemy relic.

    The goal behind this approach is to increase the difficulty of capturing enemy realm keeps and relics while decreasing the difficulty in recapturing home realm keeps and relics. This does nothing to incentivize relic capturing which is a separate issue. However, it does address the problem of "allowing" an enemy realm to capture your home relic to increase the effectiveness of the Protection Obelisk. One possible pitfall is that players refuse to recapture home realm keeps in order to retain the high damage reduction. Although, that comes at a cost of not having teleports which may be a sufficient incentive. Teleport and relic gate supply lines may need to be re-evaluated with this modified functionality in mind.
  • I requested a stun duration reduction aura instead of the free MoC :>
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    I'm going to bump this again as a reminder that the Obelisk is in need of revision. My suggestions can be viewed in a previous post above. Decoupling the free MoC feature from the damage mitigation should be considered, at minimum, if the current implementation is to remain in place.
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