It's really time to put DAoC on steam!

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I believe that this game really needs to be put on steam especially since the rise of the new event server that I believe will be launched in the summer. That would be a perfect time to advertise DAoC on steam along with the new event server. I don't see the point hiding this game any longer. I see so many other old Mythic games on steam and Origins but we still can't release DAoC on there that baffles me.

Is there a reason why EA wont allow you guys to release DAoC on steam even though it was green lighted ages ago. You got everything to play for with EC and likely subs will come flying in if there are alternatives servers to Ywain.

I believe Ywain could definitely continue to have improvements where all epic bosses and ToA bosses could all join the Bountypoint currency so players have options of doing both PvE/RvR by earning bountypoints in either fields of play. If we could try and make everything in the game playerable and not have it so focused in one area, it will allow options for the playerbase to explore the old content rather than just stuffing them in nf. I've always seen this game both PvE and RvR and there is a reason why PvE is so important to DAoC, it gives flexibility for players to move about and not get bored of RvR for example, it's another alternative to those that want to chill and relax for a bit and if we could push for the nostalgia to come back and bring some life to bosses in Darkness falls, ToA, SI, Sidi/Galladoria/TG, SI dragon (in AC) etc. I don't think a lot can go wrong.

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