Darkness Rising

Can you still do this full quest chain? Circle of 5, and various other mini-bosses etc? If so has anyone done it lately/is there a real reason to still do it outside of nostalgia? Has it been tuned at all to be easier/harder? I remember doing it as a kid and it was pretty tough then.


  • Yeah, you can still do the Co5 bosses, with or without the quest. If you have the quest, you can do all 5, then kill the mini legion (drops Skull of the Soul Keeper, 1-time drop), get past that door and kill Utgard-Lok/Azazel/Crom Cruiach.

    I did them on all realms for the 7 trophies (Ch3, Co5, then boss).

    They are not that tough. If you have 2 accounts, just bring a friend to help.
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