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This needs to be changed up in how it works.

Right now, the daily solo quest can be accomplished in anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. It's almost always finished within 2 hours. The weekly solo quest can be accomplished every week within 2 days of hard playing (1 if you're really on all day). The bottom line is that with the solo daily I KNOW that I'm going to finish it every day. I KNOW that I'm going to finish the solo weekly every week. I can accomplish this within 2 hours playing every day.

That's not the case with the group weekly. The group weekly is designed to get action to flow and be open field, but it doesn't. People aren't going to roam if they can't compete without there being substantial rewards for doing so. We saw in Cale the awards were there which drives action and those awards were extreme. The group weekly and daily doesn't encourage this at all. 50 open field kills is difficult to obtain even when 8 manning in a strong group. 500 kills in the open field in a week is exceedingly difficult to obtain. There is a middle ground.

There are three potential fixes to this, all of which would help drive more action in the game.

The first, keep the kill counts for grouping the same, but make the kills available anywhere, or at least include keeps and/or towers if you want to keep the bow town solo only.

The second is to substantially drop the required counts in acknowledgement that action doesn't happen in the open field at nearly the rate required to allow the daily and weekly to be completed regularly. In my experiences in the 8man, 20-25 kills per day in the open field is doable for a roaming 8man. Taking the 10 day approach to the weekly that exists right now that means the weekly would need to be 200-250 kills per week. Just to take examples, which obviously aren't proof but I believe are not an uncommon experience, only about 1 in 3 kills in an 8man happen in a spot available for the group weekly. In the zergs it's closer to 1 in 5 kills, even when we're not trying to fight at a keep. It obviously jumps up substantially if you're fighting at keeps.

The final fix is to do nothing to the quests mechanically, but substantially increase their awards. This is the least ideal fix to this problem in my opinion, but it is an option.

Why can't groups do what soloers do? Just stand around on the island waiting for fights.

Well, the first is that bow town really only has ~10-20 regular players. That's only 1-2 groups of people, 8 man obviously requires a lot more. Realistically there would need to be 6+ groups going at the primetimes to encourage people to 8man because thats how many it takes to get the lower tier groups going that most people can compete with. Frankly, no one wants to lose over and over, whether it's in bow town or set 8s in EV.

The second part stopping groups from this is that, frankly, bow town is boring AF. Even the regulars of bow town are tired of it with the exception of some super cheesy people. People don't group to have set fights like in bow town. They want to roam and fight things in random hits.

The third is that in bow town, classes are limited precisely because of the bow town aspect. A caster can't compete with a charge tank when the charge tank bows and charges instantly at the caster. Casters need random hits to provide the extra edge they need to win the fight. That's true of groups as well. Head on group hits would do to groups what we see done to soloers, restrict the group comps in order to compete. That's been really bad for solo and it'd be even worse for groups.

Why should the daily and weekly be in keeps when there is already a mechanic for keep fights?

Well, first off I think the keep fight should just be an award win or lose, not nerfed if you lose. You'd see more people come out and defend against hero most likely, you'd see more keeps attacked knowing the odds are stacked against the attackers but knowing that massive RPs are to be had even if you lose.

Even setting that aside, I could get back on my assassin and do what I used to make a living on in this game. Set up a siege tower, kill people at keeps, get one kill at bow town, and collect incredible RPs from the siege bonus. Why should soloer's get this but not groups?

To conclude, the action just doesn't allow for regular completion of the group daily/weekly in a timely manner like the solo does. The solo quest has helped increase the number of soloers. We don't see that with the group quest because it's too restrictive. The entire purpose of the daily/weekly is to give players a reason to log on and give a couple hours a night to the game, knowing that doing so they'll get a big bonus for playing. This isn't the case for grouped players. Action just isn't there for it. Relax these restrictions in some manner or substantially increase the awards for doing so.
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  • Being solo should always be high risk and high reward. By making the group weekly easier all that does is feed the BGs and groups that add fights more rps. I vote leave it as is.
  • Reduce the weekly kill credit to ~300. Roaming BGs should disperse into 8-16 slots.
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