Def: Medium Penalty, what does this do?

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what does "Def: Medium Penalty" mean? does that mean if I use the skill/style I receive a medium penalty to MY defense? OR does it mean if I use it the target gets a penalty to its defense?
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  • The former

    More on styles, from the 02/19/2021 grab bag (

    Regarding Combat style bonuses…

    My understanding is that there are 4 tiers of modifier (none/low/medium/high)worth (0/5/10/15) % respectively for damage/to hit/defense.

    Do these bonuses stay online until another combat style is selected (I.E. you "style", and keep the bonus for any number of unstyled normal attacks that follows) or are they tied to that styled attack only?

    In the second case (which I think is more likely, just dismissing doubts), do "defense bonues/penalties" persists until the next attack of the defender or only apply to the next attack? Or to put it differently : does an attack "consume" that bonus or would multiple opponent be suffering that defense bonus until the next swing of the defender?

    The bonuses from styles are only valid for the next combat round of the character that performed the style. This includes defensive based bonuses.

    Style bonuses are given on a combat-round basis not an attack or melee swing-basis. Combat round durations are determined by a character’s swing speed (which is based on several factors like the quickness stat, haste stats and buffs, celerity, and the weapon’s speed) but combat rounds still count down if a character swings and then sheathes their weapon. This is why characters can’t sheathe and re-style immediately, they must still wait until their next combat round is ready before they can swing again.

    For example, if a character performs a style that gives them +15% defensive bonus chance and their bonuses + equipped weapons result in a swing speed of 1.5 seconds, that defensive bonus will only last the 1.5 seconds of that character’s combat round, even if they never swing again.

    Additionally, that bonus will apply against multiple attackers for that full combat round (1.5 seconds in this example).
  • Thank you for digging that up and sharing.

    If I understand a style with "Def: Medium Penalty" means I would take a penalty to MY defense for the next combat round. Right?
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    Defense, in this context, is not what you think - it is only your chance to miss and fumble.

    To hit bonuses and defensive penalties do not impact your ability to parry, block, or evade. It only impacts your chance to miss and to not be missed.

    Because the game checks for defenses in a certain order, and hits and misses are at the end of that spectrum (I.e. the game checks to make sure that you aren’t going to parry, block, or evade first), your chance to miss or fumble a style tends to be relatively low, particularly against other melees -> meaning these bonuses/penalties are a relatively low impact to “defense.”

    ~And anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t know anything about DAoC~
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