"I had a dream" about a new server

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So i'll get right to it:

I come from classic setting back in 2001-2003 and recently tried Gaheris for something laid back.
First off a new concept to stop realm timers and also make everyone more dedicated to there realm: Combine all 3 realms!

So for example, one realm could be called Good/Bad/Whatevers and you will be able to access each and every class and every dungeon per realm, like Gaheris .
This adds build diversity in 8 man teams
No need for realm timers, you now have access to every class/world
No need for balance because each (Realm) has access to every class

As far as RAs it would need to go back to class specific RA's to help every class be different and useful to groups. Clerics only class with BOF etc...

Get rid of leveling all together... what's the point, you can hit 50 in 3 hours its more of a nuisance. Lets let everyone be level 50 from the get go and have kings gear.. now saying that.... This won't be very good kings gear, should be quite terrible. Making you have to make a template to be top notch bringing me to my next topic..

Make crafting great again.. yes we need to show love to people who enjoy this feature.. Tailor/AC seem completely worthless at the moment..Fletching is awful.. lets make it worth it!
Build a crafting calc IN THE GAME.. yes we should be able to do templates within the game... how great would that be?

Next PVE... Well we should give love here too.. Gaheris has a descent system to make people who want some realm points a option by killing specific mobs and that should be allowed on this server.. Not everyone wants to RVR and that's fine.
So lets give very small amounts of RPs through specific loot drop turn ins for people who want to obtain some goodies by PVEing at a very very very small scale. Maybe even make this a Realm Rank 5 limit on turn ins and make them tradable.

Also by making everyone level 50 from the get go.. lets scale up EVERY dungeon and mobs throughout all the world. Lets go to Nisses lair with a level 50 group and make the mobs level 65+, making those memories and make it worth doing!

Weekly quests for BPs in every dungeon available. as well as RVR quests.

All items available like bountycrafting or even just merchants that sell items for BPs.

Get rid of all classes post SI... they aren't needed !

Since all 3 realms are joined to a super realm x3... we need a brand new battleground system...
I would prefer less keeps.. smaller area in size and no water or boats...

I was thinking 6 keeps per super realm... and a domino effect on relics... for example..
If a super realm has 5 relics.. the opposing realm would have to take the single keep without the relic first... as a prereq, in order to start going after a relic keep..
Another example you have 3 relics.. the opposing realm would need to take 3 pre req normal keeps in order to attack a relic.. this would make the battles more placed and planned meaning WAY more action in 1 area since they have to take out prereqs in order to open up relic keeps. This part I sort of just made up... this could be done a lot better for sure!

So this is just weird stuff I thought about, would love to see something spice this game up to get more people playing again.

Maybe I'm just crazy :)
Would love to hear some more crazy ideas from others

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