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I recently started playing the free version of this game and really enjoyed it. So I decided to subscribe and support its developers and continued development. I just have a few questions / observations for the vets:
  • Where is the subscribe button on I see a lot of info on how to play DAoC for free, but I don't see a big "SUBSCRIBE NOW" button that I expected. Am I missing something, or is it harder to pay for this game than it should be? And this is coming from someone who *wants* to pay for the game.
  • After I finally figured out how to subscribe, I started playing with some of the subscribe-only classes. If I let my subscription lapse back into endless conquest, do I lose access to the characters of these subscribe-only classes that I created during my active subscription time?
  • I heard something about a fresh server. That sounds great to me. Is there a timeline on when that will happen?


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    First of all welcome, nice to see new players joining in.

    Sadly easy access to information, or precise information, isnt one of broadswords strong sides i think, personally i think they simply dont have the time. there is that FAQ, not sure it answers your question

    Join the official discord, easier and faster to get an answer there then on the forums most of the time.

    An alternate server should be comming, sadly no real information on when and what.
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  • #2 You keep your characters, but you cannot go directly from subscription to EC.
    Who is eligible for Endless Conquest?

    New accounts are eligible and previously-subscribed accounts that have been closed for at least 120 days are eligible for Endless Conquest.

    #3 Back in December 2019 the plan for the alternate server was as follows:
    In the first quarter next year we’ll be continuing our response to Endless Conquest feedback as well as delivering numerous bug fixes and some other goodies in the form of a 1.127 update.

    Afterward, our alternate server proposal will then be our major developmental focus. Our original proposal of a subscription-only ‘Classic + Shrouded Isles + Housing’ server that advances (vote-based) through DAoC’s subsequent content is still the plan. We’ll be sharing the details of that server’s ruleset, like which Frontier it will use and what other changes will be involved with it, as we get through 1.127! Depending on how this alternate server goes, we will be launching subsequent versions (perhaps with some fun variations) with a more forced progression.

    With that said, Ywain will continue to be the primary long-term focus as we view it as THE game. With Endless Conquest and the ability to play for free we’ve seen a great number of returning and new players out exploring our beloved world and more importantly, endlessly battling each other in the Frontier and battlegrounds!

    While alternate servers may seem like a shift away from Ywain in the short term, in the long term they will be another boon to the game as a whole and to Ywain. New and returning players alike will have a chance to start fresh on the new servers, learn or re-learn the game, gain realm rank and eventually transfer over to Ywain with their established characters, which will continue to grow Ywain’s population over time. In addition to the momentum from Endless Conquest and this future momentum from these alternate servers, we are also in the midst of an investigation into bringing DAoC onto Steam! 2020 is going to be a great year for Dark Age of Camelot and with these plans coming to fruition, there will be many more ahead!
    This was over a year ago, but they have recently said that we can expect more info soon.
  • Just to clarify for your second question, since I did just that. You can't play a character as endless conquest that is not available.

    I created a dwarf thane, leveled to 50, ended my sub (made sure I had enough time played). waited until I was eligible to endless conquest and now I can't play my dwarf thane it says I need to sub.

    So if you want to play as endless conquest, stick with class/races that are free.
  • Appreciate all the comments. Despite it being an older game, I love how relatively active it is here.

    I'll definitely check out the discord.

    @LtGab Thank you, that clears things up for me very well.
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