Mid Dragon Wipe Avoidance

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First off, the dragon doesn't kill you if you do cold. I have logs to prove this if someone wants to dispute it, but take my word, it's not cold doing the killing.

While I'm not entirely certain of this, I am 99% sure that what does cause the wipe is someone standing outside of his melee range.

I have two pieces of evidence, as well as anecdotal evidence others have shared with me that jives with my own experiences.

First, in farming him to get the 100 kill title I wiped twice. In both instances I only moved my Savage and Healer. The other 3 toons stayed where the dragon teleported them. In doing the encounter in this manner 5 times I wiped twice. There was absolutely no cold anywhere to create the wipe which led to the investigation.

Second, I have spammed cold on him with my team of 5 and with the Saturday morning BG. In both cases all members of the BG moved off of the spot he ports you to so that they were between the dragon and the life stone, putting them in melee range. In both cases I have not wiped, again with logs to show this.

Given these two pieces of evidence, the recommendation is that when doing Mid dragon, ALL toons move from where he teleports you closer to the dragon so that you are in melee range. He still casts an aoe spell that can kill people if they stand still. So make sure you spread out and move when you see the message telling you to do so as it's a ground target effect that forms on the person it's cast on if they don't move. If they do move, it won't be cast.
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