Supply Run Idea to increase RvR action

Basically the concept is to encourage ppl to go to other spots on the NF maps and have people hunt them knowing if either gets the supply to a destination they'll get a nice bonus.

A player let's say from midgard would go to the supply quartermaster in Godr. They would get a box of supplies in their inventory and at that point all they have to do is take it to any midgard-owned tower or keep to get coin, bounty points and realm points. But the thing is the further they're away they go to let's say a tower is controlled at scaithag in Hibernia by midgard , they'd be able to get a lot more coin, bounty points and realm points for delivering the supplies to the Lord. Instead of getting little from Fensir tower/keep.

But if a enemy player from Hibernia or Albion kills that player they can pick up the supply crate and return it to their keep or tower Lord and get the coin, bounty points or realm points that that midgard guy would have gotten.

Guild claimed towers/keeps would give additional bonus to the supply crate being delivered.

Thx for reading.
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  • It could probably be fleshed out a little but I like the idea! Maybe the old supply carts too?
  • Anything that moves action away from EV, I’m down with. Sounds fun!
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  • sounds a little like the old assassin missions----i always wondered why those were stopped.
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