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Hi, I looked breifely around the boards but unable to find a good answer. I am just comming back after many years. I have 4 accounts I was able to get all my toons transfered over to yawain3. My problem is I dont see myself paying for 4 accounts as I did back in the day and I want to craft as I used to (easy money) I have about 7 LGM crafers and I would like to get them all into 2 accounts that I would pay for. I read somewhere the old way to trasnfer characters no longer works, is this correct?

Is there any way for me to get all the crafters into 2 accounts?

Thanks for any input.

Dari of Igraine
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  • Would be a cool feature.
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  • DaRedANT wrote: »
    Would be a cool feature.

    It used to be a feature! I just dont know if the old way still works or if there is a new way.
  • Currently, there is no way to do this
  • It used to be a feature? I don't recall ever being able to move specific characters from one account to another. My understanding is that once you activate an account, you transfer all the characters on said account from their previous server to the Ywain of your choosing.

    afaik you were never able to cherry pick characters across multiple accounts and fold them into an account of your choosing.
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  • You had to pay for each transfer
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