Druid start in 2020

Hey Fellows,

I´m trying to get back into DAoC since around 8-10 years or so (Last Big Wave I Played was after the LotM Release +1 year)

I want to play a Heal Druid mostly for Random Groups.
Almost RR 2, ML10 and CL15 through Bounty Points (I really love that Idea. Especially the Wood Quests and the King´s Ale Quest. Good Starting Point for new Players / New Characters).

What should the Spec at the Moment look like? Actually I´m playing with 44 Regrowth, 31 Nurture.
Should I Perhaps drop Nurture completely and switch to Nature for those Heals, since there are Vendor Buffs around and as far as I´m seeing almost everyone uses a BuffBot. Also the Potion Buffs are way stronger than my Spec Buffs (at least with 31 Nurture).

And Which Way to go with the Realm Abilities?
Actually i´m at RR 1.9 (xD) and got into MoHeal, next one will be Serenity 2-3, Divine Intervention, MoConcentration, Aug Dex, AugAcuity, MCL and Purge.
Is this a good way to get back started or Should I Switch my Priorities?

Also what about Artifacts? Which one are still interesting as a Heal? And with the Champion Armor you get, is Templating still a Thing? I dont have a real clue what my non visible Stats are.

Thanks for the Help


  • Going to bump this post with my own reply of me JUST returning after like 10+ years.

    I have really never played Hib, I played Mordred PvP server and never got into RvR server so I have no knowledge of RvR 8v8 end game. Most of my toons are Alb and Mid - I have a 44 Battleground Vamp and a 50 Druid. The 50 Druid is LGM in crafting (all craft trades LGM) - from Mordred, I think it is RR3+, ML10, (CL's not leveled that high yet)

    I am now 54 years old, so my reflexes aren't quite what they used to be. I would like to need, which Druid spec is the easiest to play in RvR? I want to start RvR off slowly with this Druid and learn as I play so I am looking for the spec that is less complicated to play in RvR (at least until I get the hang of this RvR stuff)

    PS: *cough* I really really could use a solid template for my Druid please if someone can help me on this.
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