How To Send In Feedback

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Tired of your feedback not being listened to? Here are some tips that I find help get the feedback I've sent in over the years heard.

1) Asking for a little is a lot more likely to happen than a lot.

2) Finding ways to make the changes you want happen in the easiest way is more likely to happen. Example: Suppose you think your favorite style is not as powerful as other styles of the same type in other lines. You could ask for a dd to be added to it or you could ask for the growth rate to be increased. The first is unlikely to happen as that requires more significant coding changes such as, assignment of a dd, a style animation, a proc animation, and I'm sure several other changes. The later is simply a change in a value of a table. It's a lot more likely to happen.

3) Identify why you think the change needs to happen. To that end I usually do the following:

a) Your request
b) A background of how the ability works now and how similar abilities work.
c) Why you want this change. Include things like, Why it should change given the above, how would it impact balance of the class and playstyle, how would it impact balance of groups, solo, small man, etc.

Not everything you want to happen will, but remember, the clearer you are, the more precise you are, the more solid reasons you give for something, and the more work you put in to why you feel like a change should happen, the more likely it will happen and frankly, the more likely you are to come up with an idea that's better than what your initial idea was as you're forced to think about the issue on a deeper level than you originally did.
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  • Well put and i think this can help a lot of people out
  • I don't disagree with the approach, but the lack of transparency / reasoning when changes are implemented leads me to believe the developers don't apply the same level of critical thinking that you're proposing. I've conceded the game is as good as it's going to be on Ywain and budget my play time accordingly.
  • 1. Yes, I'm tired of it.
    2. Solid advice.
    3. I can confirm that it doesn't always work. I cannot confirm if it ever works.
  • I'll say that there are several changes that happened in the last patch that I suggested. Not everything I suggested came out, but in the back and forth that happened about it (which doesn't always happen but when you aren't being a dick happens more often than not in my experience) I understand why most of the things that weren't implemented weren't.

    Also, when the Assassin changes happened they looked pretty different than what was first proposed. Many of the changes I asked for were implemented, not most, but not a couple either.

    The bottom line is that, in my experience, your efforts and knowledge in a class aren't wasted when you submit feedback in the way that I do. That doesn't mean things happen. I'm willing to bet even the devs put out ideas constantly that don't get implemented. That's just the nature of ideas. But, if you are serious about a change, and reasonable about it (asking for baseline stun to be removed from Hib for example isn't ever gonna happen, so stop asking) you'll find you can get changes into the game that you think are best. Probably not in your original form, but, especially when asking for small changes, working with them and not being dicks, being as precise as possible, and really trying to make a meaningful change in a reasonable way, you'll find changes happen.
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