Well done Broadsword.

I have to say the changes to Stormlord was a good idea and after playing since the patch defending against hib stun in keep sieges is much more fun.

I think we still need more Stormlord on alb but we can definitely poke our head out if the Dazzling Storm is up.

Thumbs up from me so far.

Now lets discuss bards insta amnesia..

/me watches @Minibard head explode :wink:


  • Casted amnesia is better than instant. Go ahead and change it. =)
  • You heard the man or woman take Instant amnesia away from bard and give them cast.

    I dont know why bards need to win every mezz on inc if they have insta mezz.
  • Sorc should always win on paper due to cast speed and range. But none of that matters in today's DAoC unless you're bad.
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    I don't think removing insta amnesia from bard is a good idea. It's important for the bard to have that instant amnesia because it's the only tool he has for getting close to a sorc and be able to get some CC done.

    You remove that insta amnesia and sorcs will just eat bards alive.

    Saying that bard is fine cause they have insta mezz on 10 minutes timer doesn't make sense.

    Making that insta castable doesn't really make sense because of how a bard plays. Bards play way in front, often pulling out the weapon. Sorcs stay back and enjoy the range, while healers have valks/skalds/BDs and shams to do the rupting. That's why casted amnesia makes sense on a healer/sorc but doesn't make sense on a bard.
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  • While I prefer the front line Bard play, they could be just as effective in the back if amnesia was changed to casted. Winning the mez is a useless argument in 2020 DAoC. Interrupts and kiting are more important. You can't lock down MoC casters with a Bard so you either need a Bain keeping the NS going or a Ment to spam amnesia.

    That said, I don't think there's a strong argument for a change except to cater to bad players. The Stormlord changes are fun but I never use the stun immunity storm since stun + nuke isn't what kills me.
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