New housing full merchant won't work

Hi, my name is jeanpierre polnaref.

So recent restriction made by BS, does not make a sense, ofc i may be wrong with my explanations and i hope i am.
what is my house now :
It's full house we can say that, right?

When your house is full plat and no objet can be sold you have this message :

Because i dont sell item wich cost 200pp - 199,42 pp, so my house will be removed from the data base , right?
Now, i am **** (im euro and french) and i dont want that...
If i add one useless item with the lower price possible :


And bam, house is accepted, no more message !
Still 99% of what i sell could not be bought!

What i propose is other approch without listmerchant thing, and more simple.
Because 99% of us use Search explorer, i would modify the way of the results are displayed.

if [Quantity of gold in the consigment merchant] + [ITEM_PRICE] > 200plat then do not display item in the Housing search result.
So in my case only my item with 1 copper would be displayed in the Merchant explorer and server wont have to play with the listmerchant command every weeks.

I also ask you to work on a solution againt the empty alchemy pots crafted by player and sell for scams, for example : suprem pot with 1 charges. I already posted and get ignored. and (Dont tell me to check, because the new thing is aleady slow as f)

Same problem with possible scam price like nereid pot at 20gold 20gold 20gold 20plat 20gold 20gold 20gold,

The new house search is very slow. I would make 2 mods: Simple search which only search in the title of the objects and advanced for multi criteria purpose.

Only search in the titles would be faster and should be set by default.

You also need to know that your new naming is probably wrong, you add special caracter "-" and ":" in some objects made by Broadsword, probably not adviced because we cant search them in the housing.
-> "omni-regen" wont work, "omni\-regen" will work,
-> "recipe:" wont work, "recipe\:" will work,
so escape caracters thing should be done server or client side but not by the user himself.

You need also to ignore crafter name , for example if a player name is "Cauldronofrecipe", crafts item and sell them on the housing database, and if someone search for "recipe" or "cauldron" alone, it will displays every item crafted by "Cauldronofrecipe".

And we all want to sort items by price, i mean all the items from a result, not only from pages, it would stop the cancer of getting a house with a low number to be in first position during the search .

It would be probably easier to make an html API with a duplicated database of housing, it would be better for server performance , you should not have to make the websites just make a minimalist json thing and people may make tools or webpages. (daocutil was a good example)

dont ban me , sorry if i wrote bullshit, sorry for my english.


  • Wouldn't settling with your consignment merchant (removing money) solve the listing problem?
  • I thought you had a bug at first, but you’re simply making a suggestion.
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