Blade Warden needs luv! Blade proc and spec issue/suggestions

Playing "battle warden" blade spec a lot lately and find that it is held back considerably due to skill levels. The ABS debuff proc on the level 40 blades style is resisted at such a high rate it is extremely unreliable to land. This is the bread and butter of the entire spec and it has such a high "miss" and "resist" rate its made almost useless. Warden needs a way to apply this more reliably or the entire blade tree is pretty much pointless. I land 5-7 successful styles in a row without it being able to land consistently. Not sure if the proc level can be increased while remaining on a level 40 style? Or some kind of Mastery of Focus like buff to its level. The Reaver/Thane/Valk level 34 DD style procs don't even resist nearly as much. Can we look into this??

Another major setback to Warden and their blade spec is that they offer very little support with off healing in comparison to virtually every other battle healer in game right now. Virtually every play style of Valk gives them high 30s-40s or even 50 mending. Friar's often spec 44 Rejuv even when playing staff and maintain high enough in other specs. Heretic's same story. Paladin's primary spec line, chant's give them their top heal skills. All of these classes get best or second best healing skills to their class while also being able to fully spec into their combat and/or buff lines. Except Wardens.
I would not expect Warden's to receive any increase in spec points as it could lead to unbalanced healer "meta's" but I think adding a heal to the blades line or some significant healing "bonus" to blades could help bring them into line allowing them to serve their role as a hybrid and battle healer like their counter parts.As our specs to have both 40 blades and enough Nurture and shield to even be relevant to our group leaves us little to even no Regrowth spec.
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