resist on sham ward and frier

was wandering what if there was a resoning on why you did not change the lvl at which you get the resist on the warden shaman and frier like you did with its conterparts. im not saying it was a bad idea just wandering if you had a reasoning for that and can you share that if you did or was it an over sight?


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    Warden and friar get MANY spec points. Healers gets 1.0. Back in the day it wasn't an issue because neither class got group heals, spec heals, or much of the utility (group celerity anyone?) they now have in their buff line.

    What this means for you. If you go 40 in a spell line you can't go 40 in another spell line. On a warden or friar you can go 50 in your buff/resist line (if you wanted to do that) and 50 in your heal line (if you wanted to do that) and still have points left over for enough melee to snare/peel.

    Aug heal also had limited returns post 40 spell line.

    Shamans probably didn't get a buff because Aug shaman was already reworked and it has benefits. Aug cave and mend all got a rework. Same with cleric and druid, major changes.

    I would argue that because 95% of daoc players don't want healers to get more spec points, but mid was definitely at a disadvantage vs spell damage, this was the graceful solution to fix a disparity that sort of crept up over the past 8 years. With full resists at 35 aug a healer still can't grab that final (or even next to final) resist buff, and spec for the 46 heal which most group spec friars/wardens have.

    Personally I think the 16 tier resist should be at 28 aug instead of 30, but, beggars can't be choosers....
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  • Based of that statement i would say shamans got the bad end of the deal as they dont get anymore spec points then a caster or any of the other 2 main healers. On that point i would say give healers more points and a melee spec line so that it fits in with the wardon and frier and switch the spread heals and insta heals over to the shaman as thats the main healer equivalent of the druid and cleric. Lets be honest tho would be a bad idea point i guess would be to even out both hafls of the resist buffs even the for the classes that get more spec points or just on the shaman seeing as they dont get the extra spec points. Pls feel free to add more of your thoughts on this matter
  • @Names wasn't that change made like 5 years ago?

    classes with 1.0 spec points get red resists at 40 buff spec, while friar and warden get it at 43. Looks like it's balanced.
  • You are right @shoke im apparently not informed and i dont think i was playing when they made that change.

    Well that i guess ends this conversation lol funny thing is i even have a warden and frier.
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