Characters currently ineligible for transfer?

Ive been transferring characters and was largely successful, except my characters in Hibernia I get an error that says "You are currently ineligible for transfer" I went through the guide and saw nothing relevant. Any ideas? Thanks looking forward to being back!


  • Are your hibs on Gaheris?

    If you figure out how to xfer from gaheris let me know I could give hero a run for his money.
  • Are these characters on an archived classic or PvP server? If so, you have to complete a quick quest first, after that you will be eligible to transfer them. They are called "Classic Transfer Gift" for the classic servers, and "A Bloody Farewell" for the PvP servers.

    As for your question Lff, you cannot transfer toons from Gaheris; only from the archived servers to the Ywain cluster.
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  • Yup it was a classic thank you!
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