Epic Quest Bug - unable to proceed (Reaver EPIC4 Step 3 Lost Souls)


I am trying to complete the Epic quest line for the reaver class

I'm on the quest "Lost souls, epic4, step3", states to drop charm on the ground an interact with it, however I do not have a charm on the character, or on the ground, I wasn't given one by any NPC, and the NPC does not even talk to me in "West down", I've been back to the start and gone all the way through the steps again and none of the NPC's will interact with it.

As it is an EPIC quest I am unable to abandon the quest, to be able to reset it.

I put an urgent appeal in 72hours ago and I have not received a response to it in-game or via email and I'm starting to feel a little annoyed by this.

I have searched google and many people have issues with this quest at this step, and I think that once I have gotten the quest sorted that it is time that the Dev's sort this quest out, and its not just reavers, it is also a Paladin and cleric quest as well.

Character Name - Mythicalpwnage
Class - Reaver
Server - Ywain 2
Level - 36

Quest - EPIC4 - Lost Souls (step 3)


  • Hey there Mythiey!

    I have checked with the team, and the required quest item to continue on the quest has been restored to you. It's called Soultracker Charm. You will find it in your first bag!

    The Soultracker Charm is the item that you have to drop on the ground, and then interact with it. Make sure to be ready to interact with it right away, since it won't stay there for long and should it disappear before you interact with it, you will need the help of Customer Support again. So this quest is a little tricky, but don't worry, it can be done!

    Hope you will be able to continue on your Epic Quest without any further delays now, and I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused!
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  • Hi,

    It seems I'm meeting a similar problem :(. I put the Soultracker Charm on the ground, interacted with it and then it disappeared. I don't have any possibility to reset the quest and I'm blocked to succeed it.

    How do I do to unlock this situation ?

    Thanks by advance for your help !
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