Bounty Crafting

Hey everyone, so I just returned a couple days ago and had re upped my two accounts. Between my two accounts I managed to scrounge around 1.5 mill bounty points. With those points I was able to spend and template my skald with a template found online. On top of that I needed an additional 32 stardust’s which is not cheap to craft either. Is this normal for bounty crafting a template ? I mean that is a lot of bounty points just to get one toon up there.


  • Sounds like par for the course if you don’t have the items saved or buddies/guildies to help you out.
    Tbh a lot of items can also be quested i.e OW or [Curse].
  • Normal.

    Most of the high utility items you want from bounty crafting will range anywhere from 150-200K bounty points and require anywhere from 1-5 stardust, which run over a plat each IF you have an alchemist.

    BP resources available to help you out.
    1. Curse quests. These offer over 200K bp's for each char that does it the first time, and nice chunk of plat. Run ALL your chars through this thing. Create new chars to run through it.
    2. ToA bounty quests. These also offer over 200K bp's for first time go through with the additional bonus of having repeatable bounty quests every week that can net you over 100K bp's. You can do these solo, with the right char, but with a group you can speed through these and make some nice BP's.
    3. DF high rank mobs raid. With a good group you can make over 250K bp's in a reasonable amount of time killing high lords....and the cancer that is the PvE macro team.
    4. RvR quests. Your relic town NPC's offer various quests that will net you 2000 bp's for doing various tasks. Gank potential is high, of course, but if you only need a few K for a mold or something, these come in handy.

    Of all the options available, the curse raids are the go-to choice. They can be done with a solid group if you don't have anyone that runs them on the reg.

    Good luck.
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