New to DAOC, but experience MMO player.

Looking for someone to take me under their wing lol. I have played every major MMO out there at a high level but never really touched this game because at the time I was deep involved in EQ/UO. Could someone give me the rundown about this game. Is there still any raiding teams out there? I am not a huge fan of PVP but enjoy it if I am a supporting class. I prefer a class where it's always welcome in groups. IS there a specific server to join? Faction? Any new player tips. Only just bored of all the games out there and I am waiting for Pantheon currently but that is a few years off I think.

Making a character now will update as I test a few classes out.


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    Clerics (Albion), Druids (Hibernia), and Healers (Midgard) are always needed in groups.

    Gaheris is the server without RvR (PvP). Everyone else plays on Ywain which is 10 different servers for housing purposes.

    In this game faction is something you have with non-player characters. There are 3 realms involved in constant conflict. Joining anyone of them is fine. I'd go and check out each one. Basically the same types of people play in each realm.
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  • @Trexon I suggest you read/watch youtube videos about daoc RvR, because if your fun is to PvE, then you will be disapointed on the Ywain servers (all the same, just housing is split).

    If you are really about PvE, I suggest playing the Gaheris server, you'll actually play with people that enjoy it knstead of people that do PvE out of necessity.
  • What archetype did you play/prefer in EQ/UO?

    DAOC has caster, seer, tank, stealther, and hybrid. Hybrid meaning a combintation of 2/3 of those 4.

    A seer or a seer-hybrid is the easiest way to get a group,
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    If you could narrow it down to which realm you’d like to play that would be helpful.

    The two major “raids” are the [Curse] and Otherwordly campaigns. Depending on which realm you play some run them more then others. Each raid you can complete with a full group.

    DAOC is mostly centered around Realm vs Realm or RVR. Most other games refer to it PvP or even open world PvP.

    The easiest way to level is in the battlegrounds running the three quests for bounty points (bps). Then using your bps to buy things off the BP NPC. There is also town quests which will steer you towards diff dungeons. If you haven’t seen the dungeon quests it’s pretty fun just to play through.

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