Coming back after 4+ years!

I just have some basic questions. Like hows NF nowadays, Bg's, class changes, templates, etc. Just basic info will do. Also, if anyone i know is still playing this game. Thank you in advance


  • Also, if any guilds are recruiting that's a quick way of getting back into things
  • You can get Items for Bountypoints - called Bountycrafting, found in your Crafting Skills

    Bountypoint Cap is 500k - watch out that you dont waste BPs

    Classes best ask for a specific Class tbh.

    Templates check Daocutils
  • If your a mid Wolvesrinn of Midgard is recruiting and a very active guild. Welcome back.
  • Oh man. Welcome back. Lots going on. Solo towns where solos can (try to) port to a different town when a full group approaches, dopplegangers and bp quests for lower rr players to gain gear/rp and create small man action, there's been a consistent US and EU hib/mid/alb BG on most days, though EU time the MID and especially Alb bg sometimes just hole up and defend their keeps. I can't speak for BG's.

    Gear, Curse is the latest but there's a lot of stuff that you want from around. You can check housing or templates online or even the bountycrafting (you can pull up many of the wanted items there, but not all).

    Curse raids happen weekly more or less on each realm, and you can mostly do all types of raids with just a group (maybe not dragon/ml, don't know there).

    If PVE is your thing alb is probably still the realm of choice for you. If zerging hard is your thing, hib is probably the way to go. Yes, I'm biased.
  • Hey man, I think I played with you in Molvik back in the day.

    Discord is the best way to get help/info etc.
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