Stormlord ML10 revert to old spell.

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Thoughts on reverting the ML10 Stormlord style to something similar to what it use to be? Previously it was a 4-5 sec cast and a 60 second ability that changed a single target DD to aoe. Now it is instant and works for 1 cast. Proposal; Instant for 20-30 seconds. Will be a serious benefit to those people who give up the more personal items ( SW, Brittle etc in the convoker line) in lieu of a more realm based ML line in Stormlord. I hear many say they don't want to be a stormlord because the storms will keep them in combat long after a fight give a benefit of use imo.

Again just a thought, feel free to disagree but at least contribute.
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  • I can agree to this right now few people go storm lord as there they are pretty much only useful in keep fights. So im for this change as long as it only affects dd spells and not debuffs or or cc spells.
  • No, because I can see, especially hibs abusing this and becoming harder to defeat in keeps.
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  • Sounds like this could be abused especially in any tower fight.
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    That would be too much poweful broken balance skill like necro
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  • Remember it's a 5 minute recast by stormlords ONLY. On an average night per BG you can maybe count what 4-5 stormlords? Just think of the upside, more stormlords = less speedwarps and traps. Not sure how Hibs or any realm would benefit over another but good to hear peoples thoughts.
  • I can see of it would be a problem in tower fights but all 3 realms would have it
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