Shar nightshade please

We only have 3 races for nightshade class whereas other realms have many more. This option lost by 1 vote in poles to attain the option so it should be offered.


  • What’s wrong with the Elf?
  • I think a shar could still be lore friendly as that can be vamps and rangers
  • This should be the winner of the next class/race combos imo.

    Any recommendations for other race/class combos in mid/alb (within reason, no troll stealthers...) ?
  • I'm 100% spending mithril on a race change if this happens
  • Names wrote: »
    I think a shar could still be lore friendly as that can be vamps and rangers
    Celts aren't even lore friendly. But, we've thrown lore out the window for years so

  • LURI WARDEN!!!!!
  • Kobold Thane too.
    Da ant familyDa fly familyDa spider family
  • Saracen Cleric
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    Every Hib class should be able to be played as a Luri!!
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  • Screw the cows, all realms should have Luris, they are the master race!!
  • I agree with shar nightshades. I would roll one up for sure.
  • Me too! Shar battlemaster NS. yes please!
  • KoeKoe
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    Infs are on top right now so thats fine with me.

    Of all the stealth classes though, Scouts are bottom of the food chain. I see a group of 3 scouts, I hit it while solo on most classes.

    I'd sort of go like this but maybe a real stealth char could correct my ranking:

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  • KoeKoe
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    Keltorius wrote: »
    LURI WARDEN!!!!!

    Implement a 6,000 mithril uber race respec and people would do it for small race respecs, all classes. Question though is whether it would break the game.
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  • it's in, shar nightshades who can be battlemasters are the next big thing requested! in next path? let's make it happen!
  • Ranger
    would be my ranking
  • Dispite your rankings. Shar nightshade please!lk
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