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Greeings, i jsut discovered DaoC , my old beloved DaoC, becoming F2P..i played a lot in the past..before on voertigern Italys erver in 2002 or so..than on lancelot-Merlin mainly when we migrated on USA server..than is topped becuz WoW happened and many ppl left ..nowe i try to coming back , but so many changed and so many time passed, some of my old characters arestill available. so i started with Vampiir wich i used not so much .i ddinged 50 and left the game..i read some post speaking about Pet for vampiir..some Bats pets...but ehrn i loggedf on today i didn't see any skill for the pet..after this a logged out due to MSSIVE LAG..NPC disappearing and asppearing , game was unplayable..and was not my connection..i hope servers are in this state every day..if yes, well i think re learn to plat my old char is not a prob anymore cuz its not playable. thanks-. any tips about vampiir today would be appreciated


  • As for the disappearing npcs there is a way to fix it but i dont know how to. It has to do with your router mabe someone can tell you how to fix that. It is an internet thing but has nothing to do with internet speed or how good it is.

    For the pet that was removed a couple of patches ago (i could not find the link to that patch notes)

    Any old temps that you might have will prolly be weaker then the new kings gear you get at 50 for talking to the king (like older the 5 years is a good bet, battle ground temps are the same) try to get an other world and curse raid that will get you a lot of what you need just if you do OW raid you with have to pick items from a reward list so best to know what you need befor hand as theres no way to exchange them aside from trading with other players.
  • Thanks for the help-. i already got the new King's equipment and it's very good... i'm having some more questions if i can:
    - Cat is there some limitation to F2P users? what channel are alll speaking on?i've tried to put some question using /region but noone answered..i'm feeling pretty alone.
    - I tried to go into catacoms but seems i don't meet requirements toe nter..i should compelte the Curse quest before ? got it form the NPC in fornt of Veil entrance.. but i gone to the zone the butterfly said but i don't know what to do...don't rememebr the quest name.
    - -OW is for?
    - for doing raid u need to be in a Guild..but i can't even talk in chat so it'sa rpetty hard for now.
    - -Last but not least..why this 43 Dementia 34Piercing 21 SM 20 VE is the best spec?? i think for PVE isn't that good...i'm pretty confused of so many spell\skill...i would know a good qbar for PVE..and asking if for PVE another spec is much useful..i'm planning to do some PVE to learn again how to play the char before going RvR..thanks very much for any help. Cheer
  • For pve i think sm/pierce is not bad.
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    @indio68 for right now the cata zones are closed to everyone(they have said that they are revamping them) if your looking for a guild on hib try sending a msg to someone federation of hibernia they are a great guild for new and returning players. They do a good amount of raids dont know if they still do a monthly calendar anymore (if any current members in foh want to confirm that or not)
    I have not played much in hib for a wile as i have moved to mid tho o still hope in every now and then to say hi and get yelled at by the guild grandma in like 2 secs after logging in to fix my guild note XD. As for the spec i could not tell you i dont know that much on vamps have not played mine sence they took away the pet. The entrance to do the cure raid is in the dragon zone but there is a prologue i think cant remember what is is off the top of my head.
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  • many thanks for the precious help-.i try to manage hot to go to labirinth..someone said me is ot on EV anymore , like quest pont..and i have to find a entrance near Dun Nged ..a maze tower but i don't see anything in this little map..i need to download an UI asap.
  • Kroko wrote: »
    For pve i think sm/pierce is not bad.

    yea i think would be better than Dementia spec..tbh..all those debuff aren't so suefull with Mobs..
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