Broken Realm Balance?



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    People blame Herorius, but right now the only ones killing the game are the ones blindly following him.

    They could go to other realms and balance out action for more fun for everyone, but they'd rather stick to their brainless lemming behavior.

    The thing is that the players that are just logging in, stick hero and shut down their brain hugging a keep wall spamming 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 are the bigger proportion of the player base.

    Unless BS starts forcing people to go play other realms, this game will die one group at a time.

    i am not blaming herorius for anything. that doesn't mean i like what he is doing, but as far as i am concerned he just plays the game it's ment to be played. saying he doesn't do anything wrong doesn't mean i think it doesn't have a very bad effect on the game and the player base.

    bg play is the only sort of game play that will get EC accounts and casual players to do pvp imho. those EC accounts and a lot of the more casual players are basically free rp for the other side. i don't want to imagine how much fun it is to try and do pvp on those accounts and for the more casual players to do pvp.

    but at the moment, things are so unbalanced that for most people outside of herorius's bg it is like .. what's the point of even logging in ?
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  • Sucks it's come to this point but he/his followers won't change anything til everyone logs hib during his time or doesn't log in at all.

    Long as they gain a single rp they will continue so either starve them completely or accept you are someone else's form of entertainment til he logs each day.
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  • Maybe it's time to do a RP percent reduction to the overpopulated realm instead of an RP increase to the lower ones. So instead of Mid being at +50% to RPs because they are low pop it should be -50% to the Hib.
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  • Bonuses change nothing for Zerg fights for the simple fact those people would rather get 50% of something than 100% of nothing
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  • Yeah RPs mean nothing to them. Antiimony today had 19k in almost 4 hours and it seemed fine to him/her. It's honestly just a place for people to chat with friends at this point, it's no longer about the game.
  • Ya when I stated hero I think he had like 90k Rps for 3h with like 300 kills which means people still feed them
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  • KatKat
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    This was prime time Sat night NA. Logged in...saw the maps. logged out. again.

    This is not Broadswords fault. This is what is left of the player base grinding the game down to its final end. Ywain has become Gaheris. PVE'ing empty keeps and farming dopples.
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  • Is now the time to bring back Nott/Crim/Berk PK system? Or a variation of it?
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  • Siambra wrote: »
    In trying to read all the posts, I think what is being said is -
    Hibs play Hibs because it is fun for them. As a result, their numbers are large especially during EU prime time

    Mids aren't playing (so don't have the numbers) because playing Mid isn't fun. They can't field the numbers needed to feel like they have a chance against other zergs.

    Albs are frustrated because in order to create a good group they need specific classes so playing Alb isn't that fun because you can't count on having the right classes available to play. They are willing to be a bit more tricky (oil pour and traps) to get RPs but zerg play isn't fun because of lack of numbers.

    The goal is to get more people to play Alb or Mid and play less Hib or increase the overall population with the expectation that there would be more playing Alb or Mid.

    Has anyone queried people to ask why they don't play Mid or Alb?


    Mid I'm not too sure about. It's fun playing Mid from the little experience I have but I don't see the point in their BG half the time when all it seems to do is chase solo's and avoid the Hero BG unless it's forced to defend Glen or something.

    Alb I believe due to it being very hard most of the time to form the groups with the toons which are very powerful and allow Alb to compete, it makes it hard to fight people. Jennypala did a good job of it last night, so to get more people playing Alb, rather than a "buff" per say I think their toons need more utility like the classes on Hib and Mid get so its easier to form groups.
  • You could do some things now, like:

    Take away stun from hib casters and give it to druid.

    Dont allow 1 realm to hold 6 relics longer than 5 days.

    But im not even sure if this would help. And BS usually prefers to do nothing.
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    You know when everybody complains about zerging and then you see a nice event... That's strictly designed for zergs...

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    Just shut the server down and its all good.
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  • Give stun to bard or warden

  • Removing baseline stun won't change much considering I've seen Bainshees drop players in keeps by themselves without it. Maybe fewer players will die during keep defense against Hibs but you still wont be able to freely cast. Broadsword DAoC isn't designed with casuals in mind. The game is still very rock, paper, scissors though.
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