old timer coming back here!

Hello all,

Well, after many years (started on Bors in December 2001) I have been tempted to have a look around again!

I will definitely play on ****, but as my character is over on Ywain wanted some advice for that server first! Thanks in advance for any insight you can give as I warm up again!

So many questions, but wanted to start with the basics. I am a 50 RR4L6 Saracen and want to stay with thrust and see how it goes. I will be practicing quite a bit with PvE so I can get up to speed again but will definitely be roaming around the frontiers too.

I have picked up the king’s gear, so + 14 on all except env (+11, need to see how to max this)

When I look at the char planner

Stealth – 36 (comp 50)

Thrust (37 (comp 51)

Env 39 (comp 50)

CS 44 or 50

DW 49 or 43

So my questions..!

Even with stealth/thrust/env at comp 50/51/50 and CS at 44 or 50, there are still enough points to get DW to 49/43. It seems to me I have missed adding point somewhere, i.e. should I be adding more to either thrust or stealth, or is there a maximum cap on these anyway, so comp 50 is good enough for hanging around in the frontier?

Thanks, Orilius


  • Hi Orilius, welcome back.

    They changed envenom some time ago and you no longer need +envenom in your template. You get the different poisons when specing in envenom and they are usable in combat abilities rather than items you apply to your weapons. I would recommend either 47 or 50 envenom.

    They also revamped the stealth skill line and it has some unique abilities now, most go either 50 spec or comp 51.

    For the remaining skills it’s pretty much your preference but you will want at a minimum 51comp thrust.
  • thanks for the response, appreciated. I thought i had a lot of DW in there, ill respec to env. so do i just pull the env ability to the quickbar and activate, and does it apply to all weapons. sorry for noob question, but want to use it right!
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