Mercenaries- 4th faction

Would it be possible to talk to a npc in your home realm and go "mercenary"? Then at that point be ported to a random unclaimed keep and form groups under a 4th faction?

It would be combining the ruleset of mordred somewhat. You would have an npc to declare loyalty back to your king when your done.
Then you would con a red to all everybody.
Thus no need to realm hop.
All unclaimbed keeps would be your realm. Those guards would be friendly.
The rest of the details could be worked out.


  • Just add a 4th realm!

    Asian, Greek, or Roman Mythology something like that.
    Da ant familyDa fly familyDa spider family
  • Asian. Ninjas anyone?
  • Of course they’d STEALTH!!!!
  • Katanas used in a Perf on Scer... lol
  • Keltorius wrote: »
    Asian. Ninjas anyone?

    Ninjas, Samauri, Monks. I’m in!
    Da ant familyDa fly familyDa spider family
  • Would a Samurai be a hybrid tank or the main tank?
  • I know armor would look sweet!!
  • I like the idea of a whole other realm however this game is borderline maintence mode with little going into it. The last thing they would want to do is create another faction that everyone would bitch about.

    What they could do:

    Design a pirate, samuri, ninja, and any other class and then for a "expansion fee" let people buy it. Make it like the mauler where all realms could be one. Then theyd have to adjust loot tables.

    A small adjustmet with a large chance of revenue.
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    Kinda like WoW did with the Pandas. Using as a reference not promoting another game.
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