Molvik: Enemy NPCs inside CK???? - Not a fan

No wonder so many people don't play Molvik anymore. I had the displeasure of logging into CK that we owned only to be killed by enemy NPCs within. What were you thinking? Molvik was the last fun place for non-leets to go and you ruined that. Please change it back. This is in a word...dumb.


  • That was, because an enemy realm conquered the Mercenaries camp. It's a quest in Molvik.
  • That quest throws the whole dynamics off of keep defense. It doesn't even make sense. I can see if the Mercenaries were outside the walls, but inside an intact keep???...on all floors??? There isn't even a grace period for logging in. They kill you as you arrive. No, I still say this was a horrible idea, badly executed, and am questioning my subscription now. Molvik was the only reason I logged into DAOC now. If others enjoy it, then so be it, I will be the exception and move on. Stay safe out there - Wash your hands.
  • So don't log off in the ck.
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