Poll: Are you Playing Endless Conquest. F2P? Or Regular Main Account? or Waiting on Alt Server?



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  • What happened to the: "I complain about anything and whine" option.

    This pole should be made for everyone.
  • came back to check on the state of the new potential server. Long time daoc player and would love to come back but playing on a server that been around since the beginning with an endless amount of perceived grind getting all geared up to start at RR1 while everyone else is RR12+ has 0 interest to me. I get it that people put in a bunch of work grinding for years getting to where they are at but very few want to start fresh on that platform.

    I would however come back for a new server. "Classic" has always been the ideal time for me when i played this game. No TOA, there was realm pride, it was awesome. Ill keep lurking to see if they actually do what they said they would. I remember awhile back Mythic hinted at a origins server when everything went to crap and nothing happened.
  • No server yet? I'll be back in a month...
  • John and Carol. Look at Poll plz. No one wants F2P.It's s a loser and not making you any money. Make the Promised classic server and they will come. Get some SBA loan/Monies and get it done!
    You make Classic Server with Old Frontiers and Shrouded Isles and DAOC WILL BE THE GAME OF THE YEAR!

    Well us old farts will think that. :p
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