• To Eevelvee and family

    My dear Eevelvee, I watch you stand at the center and, at times, see you express yourself with pain and gratitude for all who show up to pay their respect for your life long partner and listen to your voice on the vent. It took a lot of courage and strength for you to do what you did on that day. I was in tears when I saw you at the center and hearing your voice on the vent. My heart goes to you and your family for giving and sharing a loved one that has pass on to a new world.

    You are gone from us now.
    But one thing they can't take away
    Your memory resides inside our hearts and minds and lights up our darkest days.

    Thank you Eevelvee

    Thank you Realfinewine for the video

    Monnster - Zueswiz - Goonnie
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