Whats happens if....

You delete your character to reroll as another class, what would happen to the house? Because I use the same name does it just become the house of the new character?


  • I wouldn't delete a toon that owned a house. I've no idea what would happen in that case though.
  • @Dogtags Unless you already have 100 characters (10 slots/ywain x 10 ywains), why would you delete the character that owns the house?
  • It won't work. Trust me :)
  • I actually did this without knowing I did it.

    I bought a house with a toon. Let's call the buying toon "Snappy." Months later I deleted Snappy and created another toon name with the exact same name Snappy.

    After creating the new toon, my house stayed in tact, with vaults and all. In fact, when I clicked on the house, it was "Snappy's" house.

    However, the new Snappy could not pick vaults up or put vaults down. Or remove the consignment merchant. The game kept telling me that only the owner could do those actions. But I knew that I was using the "owner" Snappy to do those things. I was baffled and appealed.

    When BS responded (they did so very quickly), they noted that the original owner had been deleted. They were gracious enough to restore the deleted toon and rename him "Snappyx." The house then was "Snappyx's" house. And I could modify the vaults, etc. with Snappyx but not with the new Snappy.

    So, you can keep your house, but it will cause a ton of headaches.
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