Remove Level 30 Champion Message

It's confusing people who are new to the game. They're crappy quests, take forever, and people confuse them for something else, typically epic quests.


  • We probably shouldn't have to level up anymore either. That's annoying as heck.
  • Yea, and RR10 i want too! :p
  • How is removing a message that’s confusing people anything like what y’all sarcastically saying?
  • I dont know. I didnt think Koes statement was sarcastic.
  • No I agree with this, I HATE having this quest in my quest log when I know I'm not going to do it and no one does anymore, it was great to have back in classic+SI+cata but after that, it became nonexistent. It is just a quick thing to take out in a small patch, and the more quests they add for new stuff, the more room we need. I am literally full on quests so what do I have to drop when they add more quests to do?
  • Being able to drop it would be great too.
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