RE: house repossession will be re-enabled in 1.127

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A long time ago I contacted mythic support and told them that my house, Ywain 6 lot #168 would be repossessed in 23 days. I never got an answer as to why it stayed there and asked that it be refreshed since I was playing again. Will my house be taken down even though my account is active? I have a great deal of things in the 8 vaults and on the merchant. It would be a real hassle if I had to buy the lot again, run back and forth to the town center getting items. Also, my house is adjacent to our guild house. The same for house number 166, it has the same number of days until it is torn down, and it has been that way for the same amount of time as house #168. Two accounts, two mansions that I would hate to see torn down, both accounts are active.

[EIDT: I have just left the game, a veteran of almost 20 years, since the game came out. Read my new comment this date as to why.]
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  • I imagine it would be taken down after repo's become active if there isn't plat on cm or you don't pay the rents.
  • I also put in an appeal ticket for help with a similar issue. All my houses are still flagged as repo even though my account has been continuously active for years. As far as I know the ticket was closed with any resolution passed on to me.
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