EC - Not receiving quest credit

Im in the rift with my Animist (vet account) and buff bot (ec account). While doing the quests and killing all the required mobs my animist is getting credit for the kills but not my buff bot? This a bug or is this yet another restriction for EC?


  • So i just found out if im solo with the buff bot ill get credit but not if grouped. Any ideas on whats going on here?
  • if you're killing the mobs with bombers (they count as pets) or your controlled pet it's possible only your animist will get credit because pets getting the deathblow on mobs will in many cases only award credit to the pet owner and not his group (also the case for RvR daily quests e.g.), not sure if the same holds true for your f&f shrooms.
  • This, exactly. It was a PITA doing BG's and getting people to not cast bombers/use pets.
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