Take Care!

Hopefully by the end of the day my main two accounts will be sold. So, if you see Rushqq and a few of my other characters out there, know that it's not me.

Was a pleasure playing with you all and wishing you all a wonderful 2020. May check in on my bot account from time to time.

Kind Regards,


  • All the best Sleepy.
  • best of luck. Hope you get paid well for the accounts! Had a friend who sold recently and i'll admit i was surprised at what he sold for. Goes to show that there are still some hardcore out there wanting the advantage... either that or they got a nice fat trust fund :wink:
  • Take care brotha, hope to see you back when the games in a better place :)
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  • Account sold - best of luck all :)
  • :( ...
    Dreamscape 12Lx Dark Lotus
  • Probably sold to Nate
  • KatKat
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    Sad to see you go.
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