IGNY the inf cheating at Hib Tower

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So over the last few days i have met this inf named IGNY. Every time i get the upper hand (which is always since i am the last of the tall white elven shades) and he vanishes. What i found odd is i would find him after vanish and could not hit him. This happened twice but thought maybe its a bug.

Fast forward to tonight. Hibs have Hib Tower on EV. This inf keeps getting into the tower to kill hibbies! So i port in and there he is so i attack and make him vanish. I check the every part of the tower multiple times and even put a dot mind on the stairs. 10 minutes later i am sitting on top of the tower and this knucklehead appears out of nowhere and lands on the top of the tower next to me. not the side..the TOP! This time i he doesnt vanish and dies.

btw i think its Wondrous. There i said it. Same RR..same guild..same cheats but different name

@beibhinn @John_Broadsword please take care of this punk
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  • This guys middle name is vanish, only reason he plays that class is to vanish when he's losing. He’s trash, and probably one of the only people I can wholeheartedly say is a little bitch in disco.

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    I don't care if he uses vanish but it the other stuff. He landed on the roof of hib tower. Did he parachute down from the cliff above?
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  • What do you mean, like you saw him fall down or he just appeared next to you?
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    He literally appeared on the edge of the top of the tower and looked like he was landing from a jump. I wasn't streaming but i will moving forward. I hate when people cheat.
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  • Instant replay is your friend when needing to catch moments like these.
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    I'm guessing it's blur to corner to get in ( maybe he is using a alt to blur to, there where a problem with people doing this before) and then shadow strike from somewhere else on the top of the tower (guessing he has higher mos then you and wanted to get the perf off. For the vanish find can't hit, after mos patch I have been seeing tons of stealth ghosts (they happen when you get vision of a stealth player but the lose it very quickly, the game uses a lag compensation model where you get the position, heading, and speed or a player every "tick"; using this data your computer renders the player where it thinks it will be untill the server gives it better data. In this case the server gives it one set of data and then forgets to tell you that you can't see it, so you system keeps rendering it untill some pre set timeout where it gives up (when you try to attack the guy the server is like what you talking about that's out side of melee range (as he is not there) this was important back in the day to save on bandwidth and is why people warp around after a stick or face or jump or side step into walls or many a movement bug).

    Then again the server does allow (or use to allow) clients to send there position to the server and it was just like cool and use it (who ever thought that was a good idea!) But i think they have an automated system to check for this now, though I have felt your pain, with greater stealth lore on I would find someone who is moving around and change directions (so no ghost) I would unstealth and start to run at them, closing the distance (they still trying to evade with some changes in directions) and right before I hit pop, pop, pop, they warp 3 times, farther and farther away (no vanish animation or sound, and even if it was I should not be able to see them in it while they have speed, oh and it was a ranger.. ) and they are gone.

    So yes some people cheat, but what your saying seems possible without cheating and that's the hard part, you will need to catch them doing something impossible (and probably needs to be caught on video).
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  • I saw an infl (can't remember name), I had track up at the time, and it looked like they were slowly jumping on an invisible slope until they could see and blur to a target near the tower capt. Seemed rather odd at the time.
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  • No blur and no alt toon. He appeared on the top of the tower. If he blurred to a toon it would be to the lower first level. Also i dont think you can blur in these towers. End of the day justice was served by the cold steer of my elven blades
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    He literally appeared on the edge of the top of the tower and looked like he was landing from a jump. I wasn't streaming but i will moving forward. I hate when people cheat.

    Thats what people look like when they log in. maybe he was logged out for less than 5 minutes. If that happened to me, first thing I'd do is just check to see how long he'd been in game. 30 seconds and there's your answer.
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    Nope. He vanished and left the tower. I checked it up and down. He didnt log..he vanished and got back into the tower when i was the only person there. Dot mine on stairs and and showed up on top. Only way up top is up the ladder when never happened. And he never logged
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