Beliathan Eats the Relics! ( RvR Event )

Beliathan has tunneled up from Darkness Falls, hungry for power. Beliathan has destroyed all the Relic Temples in Midgard, Hibernia and Albion in his thirst for power. Gorged and bloated, he has taken respite on top of Knoc Meayll where the old Buggane Obelisk once stood. In order to get your Relics back, players must battle Beliathan on top of KM to receive one relic. Once received, you must travel back to a Relic Keep to place a relic, example Glen, Beno, Scath, etc.
Once a relic is placed your realm will receive a bonus as follows:

10k RPS and 10k BPS for capturing relic in your Relic Keeps plus

Relics Owned: (5th and 6th will be double placed in Relic Keep) no relic temples!

1) 2% spell/melee damage and healing - 5% xp/bp/rp/crafting haste/coin
2) 4% spell/melee damage and healing - 10% xp/bp/rp/crafting haste/coin
3) 8% spell/melee damage and healing - 15% xp/bp/rp/crafting haste/coin
4) 15% spell/melee damage and healing - 20% xp/bp/rp/crafting haste/coin
5) 25% spell/melee damage and healing - 25% xp/bp/rp/crafting haste/coin
6) 35% spell/melee damage and healing - 30% xp/bp/rp/crafting haste/coin

Once a relic is captured, Beliathan will come back to eat that relic in 1 week (7 days) time. Thus, ruining the keep it was in for 48 hrs leaving no guards or lord and all walls and doors open.

This will open a new quest from a merchant in your relic town. THere will be Broodlings left behind at the Ruined Keeps. These will be lvl 65, very aggressive to any stealthers and have a powerful DOT upon attacking. The quest will ask to get 10 acidic ichor from these Broodlings for exchange of 10,000 bps.

Also upon killing Beliathan , he will drop his normal drops but hopefully have them updated.

Rinse and Repeat....
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  • Soooooo pve for rps and more zergs
  • Why move him? Leave EV for the 8v8, and leave Beliathan in DF with the relics. Want a relic? gotta open DF. /shrug
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  • Wtf is wrong with u????
  • I would have to say no to this lol just make the relic temples more dependable to like more of a keep or a big tower eith more then one door to get through and repairable wile the relic gate is open. Make it claimable by fg with the guild lvl 50 or higher or a fg of just guildies. Could be fun to own a relic temple
  • I wouldn't mind seeing the relic temples broken up into attackable/defendable rings with gate and wall breach points similar to the below image.

    MAPS.jpg 168.7K
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  • Can I be a mindless human eating Titan too?
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  • no, just no.
  • edited January 2020 PM
    I would like to point out that on my last post i ment not repairable wile under siege.

    I do like that layout idea
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