Returning Player after 15 Years desperately needing help.

Well it has been a very long time since coming back to DAOC and wow the changes that have been made are considerable. Labyrinth had just come out when I stopped years ago. I am needing some advice as to if there is any guides for levelling again as I am starting afresh. My first toon to level I thought would be good to get a necro up (Playing Alb ) as they used to be a great way of getting items and coin years ago. But the old Necro and the new Necro seem to me to be worlds apart. I have levelled him to 20 and was difficult as mob level and areas seem to have changed. Another thought I had was going into the Catacombs to farm for some auralite but can not gain entry. Also the small instanced dungeons have disappeared?
So am really in need of advice. Anything you can help with from mob levels, links to guides/walkthroughs, tips on which class in Alb I should look to level first ( I used to have pretty much every class pretty well equipped ). Even simple things like go get a horse first or level spellcrafting etc.
Thajnks in advance for your advice.
I used to be on Morgan Le Fay server back in the day but now on Gwain.

Diamondog Necro 20.


  • hey surfer,

    the best way to level now is to just stay in the battle grounds. they have quests that after you do about 6 or so runs you level out of the battle grounds. the quests are simple (kill 5 rats, kill 5 bugs, ext and make red dots on your map). this is good to about lvl 35ish and then people normally got to TOA area and get the quest at the starting town there (they get you to 45 and then you just do the battle grounds again, or continue with new quests i guess they have now).

    leveling should be painless (casual day of playing with give you a 50, few hours if you push your self and you get a 50) now. I would suggest you stay in molvik (35-39 bg) for a little and try a few fights in cathle (45-49 bg) though as you noted a lot has changed. The new fastest way to level is probably just have speed (you can buy speed of the hunts but they can be expensive, or just play a mini/sorc (yes sorcs have top speed now) or use caster speed). also head down to housing and get a few endo pots (regen endurance pots that give you endo regen) and get long wind 1 (killa normally has people on and you just need 1 rp (lvl 15-19 bg), so check out there xp zone (the map is mirrored)).

    as for guilds I dont know of many active right now, returning after a brake and it looks like most of my guys have inherited guilds that went inactive.
  • when you get to level 50 you can do "ok" with the kings gear depending on the class you are (they lack procs that... proc, and no actives and there are some very very nice uses and procs now adays). you can do box's and rubble quest (and the winter quest) to get bp that are now used to buy parts for making the good gear. the RVR seen has changed a bit; no one is really in labby and there are now quests that reward just strait of kills so lots of people add and group just to complete quests that give RP. There are almost no solo's and the ones who are solo probably will eat your for breakfast or call in help if you keep wining. the action tends to focus in EV (at this time of year maybe at the outer keeps where the event is happing) but there is very little realm pride so be ready for big swings in realm pop and very few "warzones" fights that we use to have back in the day (continuous fights between keeps), and is now mostly just one zerg recks another, or one holds the keep take and just tries to farm RP's. you can still get action but mostly just watch the death spam (its only viewable from 3 zones aways) and figure out where the trickle of deaths are happing (i would stay away from the large batch death spam, we got a few groups that just tickle each other for hours and wait for small mans or other groups to join and then team up and kill them, i think its cross realming they call it IRC or something they just all on the same discord or whatever so you stay away from that crap)

    but action can be fun (else why would i still be here, just experiment a bit).
  • Cheers for the advice. Is the catacombs expansion closed now?
  • Yes, they made it a lvl 50 dungeon like thing. It's entered though the dragon zone I think.. no clue why they had to kill a zone for it (would have loved it if they just instanced the new crap and left the old one allown)
  • Yeah a real shame. I did enjoy that expansion had some great content in it.
  • Surfer18:

    Attached is a link to @Obelisk playlist he created not too long ago covering pretty much every class, their mechanics and how to utilize them.

    If you have the time, watch through this playlist (about 33 videos) and you'll find yourself in a far better position as far as the class changes are concerned.

  • Awesome post. Thank you very much for the links.
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