Endless Conquest not activated on old account?

So I heard about the new free trial and linked my old mythic account to my EA account. However any time I try to login I just get a popup that says "Billing Update: Account Closed." On the account management page I see that I can reactivate my account via a paid subscription, activate a key, or create a NEW trial account but see no way to activate the Endless Conquest trial on this account.

Is this something that should have automatically occured or is my account too old for the system to catch it? The last time I had a subscription was probably around when the Minotaur first came out but the account management shows no payment history which I assume is why it's not flagging that this is a former paid account.


  • Also for some reason I can't post in general discussions, I was only able to make this thread by submitting a new discussion from the general forum top page. :/
  • Your account probably is not flagged properly. Make sure you have an EA account associated with your old Mythic account. Send either @CarolBroadsword or @JohnBroadsword a DM via Discord or here or contact Broadsword directly at support@darkageofcamelot.com

    Your situation isn't uncommon so it should get resolved quickly.
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