Same game I unsubbed from but actually worse now.



  • After purging a mezz you are immune to all form of mezz for 1 minutes .
  • I think it would be agreat idea to have f2p players be able to /rp/xp off in molvik and stay there until they learn their classes. Make all items needed for 90% capped templates available through questing, or update molvik BP gear so they at least won't get whomped.

    Molvik is where I learned how to solo, smallman, 8man, and be confident running around. it was easier to learn your enemies ability there, before all the /uses and rr5s and extra RAs. Once I became confident at that level, my transition to NF was very smooth. there were few things that were different there, the main ones being is that battles are a little faster paced, your reaction time needs finer tuning, and you will get blown up and not know why and will have to figure it out so it doens't happen next time
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    Just shut the h.... up, get out there and kill stuff. And keep at it, don't be a quitter. The grind is real, the release is real.

    Don't get RR by whining or logging. You get it by being out there, buncha snowflakes
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