ToA repatable quests.

Did they change how many time you can do them? I know they give bps now instead but it only let me do each one 2 times :(


  • Additionally, the repeatable Inarus' Bounty, Sudari's Bounty, and Eliana's Bounty quests are now only Weekly-repeatable and grant 15,000 BPs for each completion.
  • On Ywain you can repeat these quests as many times as you like for gold and XP, and they used to work that way on Gaheris. This has to be a bug, especially given how little there is to do on Gaheris from 35 to 40. Getting BP is supposed to only be once a week, but not repeating the quests altogether.
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    I've just rejoined daoc some weeks ago and have been leveling all 3 realms. On mid and hib I was able to repeat the lvl 35-40 toa quests (harpies, statues and such) as many times as I wished to get to level 40 but on alb I seem to have only been able to do them twice with both my characters, leaving me at level 38. No idea why alb is different.

    edit: I'm on Ywain, not Gaheris, so maybe not applicable, but this thread came up when googling the issue
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