SB Spec?

Just curious how people are speccing their SBs. I never played mine prior to the stealth changes so reverting back (ish) is throwing me off. What suggestions do you have?
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  • I think it has mostly to do with RR, at a lower RR I like shadow zerker more which is high sword, high left axe, low CS. At higher RR’s I would raise CS line if I wanted more assassin type styles and keep sword/stealth at composite 51.
  • If anyone is wondering, here is my spec at 8L7
    34 Sword
    50 Stealth (use Blur all the time)
    44 LA
    3 Axe
    21 CS
    47 Envenom

    I am still having a lot of success with this spec, although I know a lot of players are doing 51 composite stealth and raising their CS. I tried it the first two or three days of EC and got wrecked. Maybe because I wasn't used to the spec, but swapped back and saw a lot more success. Good luck out there!
    Realm hopper extraordinaire
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