Bonedancer spell bug?

There is a spell in the darkness spec line that doesnt seem to be working. I'm just returning so this might be old news but Bone Revenants and all lower level versions of it appear to do nothing. The lowest lvl version of it will spawn the "ghosts" and they will run to a target but then nothing happens. If this is intentional can we remove it from the game and if it is not can we get it fixed. I repecced to that line because the spell sounded interesting to me and im stuck with a useless spell


  • thought that only worked on enemy players tbh
  • They should spawn around the dummy’s they look stealth an dmg after reaching target. Auto summons like a pulse spell.
  • Thank you, that would make sense. Maybe they can add that in tool tip. Right now it lists target as self, change that to enemy realm? or add in description as only usable on enemy realm.
  • Yeah, tool tips in this game can be tricky to understand. Think BD is the only one with this ability, and its great for running around and popping stealth.
  • Except you run out of power in like 4 pulses.
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