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Greetings fellow shades,

I recently returned to daoc from about 10 years of absence and started a NS to try the new leveling experience. While i quickly realized that a lot of classes and Skills changed over time i struggle to find reliable Information or up-to-date Templates.

Therefore i wanted to start a discussion on current NS specs. Feel free to share ur templates or any tips u consider useful too. Im also grateful for ideas on artifacts.

Im lvl 49 atm and working on my RR4.
Final specs will look like this..

50 Stealth
50 CS
34 Piercing
~45 poison
Rest cd

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  • would go 46 cs and 34 blades over pierce for temp reasons. raise poison

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  • What is the new leveling experience?
  • Ebany wrote: »
    What is the new leveling experience?

    Ok lets say its new to me ;)
    That new stuff where u just run from Town to town hitting 50 in like 2 days or smthn.

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    Ebany wrote: »
    What is the new leveling experience?

    Once you hit level 10 after finishing newbie area, just visit each BG.

    There are 3 kill quests you repeat. You gain bounty points from them.
    Use Bounty points to buy armor, weapons and accessories from bounty vendors in each BG.
    You can do this all the way to 50.

    Very fast.
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    I recently changed to blade-spec as recommended.
    While i didnt rly care about easy Templates, i noticed that the after-evade follow-up has a nice stun.

    Its actually the same on the Piercing-line, but dragonspider is a lvl 44 style with 8 Sec stun, while Dancing Blade comes at lvl 29 (only 6 seconds, which is still a lot). But since l didnt spec 44 pierce i gave up on a Great style opportunity without even realizing. (D'oh!) Data taken from Excidios charplaner.

    Edit: just bought a 10p silver cache (first try just for fun) and Guess what i got..pictslayer pierce off-hand ..
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