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Any plans to remove BP cap? I have many toons capped at 500k bps and I just don't need any items. I get the original capping when you implemented the system, but now it's just annoying. 500k isn't even enough to really make an item anyway. It's stupid, especially with all the bp quests now. Make the cap 1 mil if you insist on a cap. Let me hoard my BPs so I can temp a new toon when I need to. Half the time I just buy a recipie and give it away to someone, what's the point.

Also #removestealth2019
  1. remove BP cap or keep it19 votes
    1. remove it
    2. keep it


  • I voted to remove so that a larger cap could be put in place. A million doesn’t sound unreasonable.
  • WTF?! I just agreed with Scerff!!! lol
  • Keltorius wrote: »
    WTF?! I just agreed with Scerff!!! lol

    surely a sign of the 'end times'
  • For a “stealth zerger”, yes!! lol
  • Also, Anomally is the perfect person to post afterwards.
  • Well, that vote miss several options.

    Atleast a "increase the cap" option, instead of remove/keep.
    Maybe a make it Accountwide, while keeping/increasing the cap.
    Or a "I dont care, just show me the results" option.
  • I'm working on the philosophy that putting 5 options would spread the general opinion too much. Also, if I put the remove stealth option on everyone would just vote overwhelmingly for that, except the zerging stealthers of course.
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    When you're paying $32.00 USD for two accounts a BP cap doesn't really makes sense. At the time yea I get it trying to force people into blowing their bps before it's hard capped,
    It's 2019 can we just uncap it and admit that it was a giant slap in the face to those who've been loyal over the yrs? Then to "cap" *cough* remove their BPS.

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  • Back to the BP topic Scerff. Most of us are already aware of your anti-stealth bias. lol
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