Does Broadsword have backups for each game version all the way down to 1.6x?

Endless Conquest sounds interesting - but will features be implemented by memory or are there hard backups of the game?
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  • Just to be clear: Endless Conquest (EC) is the free to play model, not the proposed classic server. Your post seems to be directed to the latter.

    I do not know if they have hard backups of archived game versions. However, at minimum, they have the archived patch notes of the classic era. Therefore, any classic version made by Broadsword will not be made from memory.
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  • Frankly it would be down right irresponsible of any developer if they didn't. I couldn't imagine BS wouldn't.
  • @Ylazul Take a gander. "They" currently are focused on completing Endless Conquest on Live.

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