Revisit the Warlock RR 5 ability

There needs to be some work done on the RR5 ability. It's useless and everyone can avoid it when it's cast. It's old and needs to be updated.


Instant cast 200 units in from of warlock

Snares everyone with in 500 pbaoe radius by 50% whilst it primes to explode (2sec)

After 2 seconds of it being casted it explodes in a 500 radius reducing everyones slash/thrust/crush resist by 20% for 10 seconds

After 5 sec of the explosion the effected are hit with a
50 DD crush spell.

Usable every 10min
Asatruar - Ronnie 10 "
Corpseshovel - Oldstanky - Nogvi

The reason people hate to PvP is they are afraid of failure


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