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Anyone remember what level and where to get the quest for a merchant summoning stone on mid, I always forget, I don't play mid very often :neutral:


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  • Can anyone explain it slowly enough for it to understand.
  • Ft Atla. Unfortunately, I don’t remember quest name. But it’s like the Alb and Hib quest where you have to chose who lives and get the merchant summoning stone at end
  • Considering how much hate spam this guy sent me in the last 48 hours, it made my day logging on here and seeing him with a ban :D
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    Considering how much hate spam this guy sent me in the last 48 hours, it made my day logging on here and seeing him with a ban :D

    If this is the same Youeatbeans as is on postcount then you can assume they will spend most of the time banned.
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    I am sure I bought mine from the merchants in the kings room I think you had to be Champion Level 10 (think this is also same on all three realms). It was a long time ago and I have hhavent checked it so it may be different now.
    Edit just came back to my memory I think you also could have a choice to buy a Healer Stone, Vault Stone and a couple of others.
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  • DUDE ITS IN FORT ATLA I FINALLY FOUND IT there was a couple of quests I had to do at Fort ATLA first but then it lead me too this npc named SALEVIA


    The end of the quest BEFORE I TURNED IN THE FINAL STEP WAS CALLED [THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE] before that it was called mercy and sacrifice.
  • Thats very interesting.
  • What's the name of quest and/or starting point? @Coldblurr

  • You can only save one of her daughters? Yeah, that's not a quest i'm interested in...
  • Oh all I recall is I did almost every quest in fort atla bit I do believe it was from the npcs around the bind stone that eventually led to it. And Koe it is because the quest gives you a different stone per whichever daughter you save if you do the quest , you'll see why you can only save one! It was a great quest I enjoyed it.
  • Think the quest was called a mothers love, had to talk to ft alta valkyrie commander named Aryanna, she gives many quests but she tells you to talk to salvenia who is int he back of the bar and tells you about her daughters. Few of my older chars have the merchant summoning stone which i guess they changed it to tomte summoning or vendo summoning stone. Think get tomte stone if you choose to not feed her the hemlock so she can die.
  • I love this item, i farm spind for drops to salvage and alch/sc items and any accessory items that drop i can sell when i get full and stay longer 4-5gold a pop. Alch and SC stack then fill rest of my inventory with armor and weap for lvl 50 salvage. Have house vaults full of 1000 stacks of arcanium, i keep telling myself im going to craft a bunch of stuff but never do, I dont know why i like collecting the salvage.
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